The Sun Tavern Supports Local Fishermen

At the Sun Tavern, we take great pride in our local fish program. In the last five years, government restrictions on cod fishing quotas have put many of our local fishermen out of business and is threatending the well being of those that are left. And yet these are the guys that can bring the freshest varieties of fish to our tables. We are helping to support our local fishermen by purchasing fish caught locally from New Hampshire to Cape Cod. Each morning we find out what species are coming in to the various local ports and that evening our chef is preparing the freshest fish available today. A recent article in The Boston Globe helps explain why it is so important to support our local fishermen. We have recently featured some fish brought in by one of the fishermen in the article, Capt. Russell Sherman of the Lady Jane out of Gloucester.

Last of their kind: As fish stocks dwindle and catch limits tighten, a way of life is disappearing, too.